Cuddling with Strippers


What if we remember only the parts we want to? What if sobriety is one ongoing morning-after text from a concerned friend…filling in the gaps you tried hard to drink away? Nik Doner puts these newly found memories into a show about cancer, love, and sex through the blurry lens of the addiction that blacked out many nights. Did he meet a 4 year old dwarf at 3am? Spend Christmas in jail? Get a naked ultrasound? Directed by Hannah Victoria Franklin, Cuddling with Strippers is a vulnerable look at memories, asking, “Wait…what happened?” and accepting the fate of whatever answer you get.



2017 saw the world premiere of 2 separate runs of Nik Doner’s autobiographical comedy-memoir solo-ish show Cuddling with Strippers.

Seattle Fringe Festival: March – April 2017
18th & Union: October – November 2017

Written and performed by: Nik Doner

Featuring: Hannah Mootz, Hannah Ruwe, and Malika Usmanova

Director: Hannah Victoria Franklin
Stage Manager: Danielle Franich
Lighting/Sound Design: Andrew C. Somora
Writing/story consultant: Michael Place


Audience Reactions & Press

“Doner has good comedic timing and expressed some profound vulnerability.”
“…irreverent & funny…also gut-churning.”

“Nik took us on quite the emotional journey through his past mistakes. He was charming and won us over, then carefully revealed that maybe that wasn’t the best move on our part.”

“Excellent story and execution of it. Very memorable, raw, cautionary tale.”

“…this could be a groundbreaking piece.”

“It was extremely interesting. I don’t know how I feel about it, but I definitely can’t stop thinking about it.”



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